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Our Chicken House and Pen all set up and ready to receive.

Welcome to our Chickens Web Site. A number of years ago we had as many as a dozen hens. We gave it up only to decide to raise chickens again. Fresh eggs and a natural predator to many insects, was the deciding factor to start again. Melinda chose the chicken house and pen from an online web site. It was shipped and set up in a sunny spot in our back yard. Now we are ready to choose what breed to start with, and thanks to Melinda's research this goal will be accomplished by the first of April 2013. 
      April 6th 2013...We found our starter chickens at Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc, and selected 3 Plymouth Barred Rock 9 week old Pullets. 
                                    This video tracks our adventure: 
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